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Check out what Products are available at Beau Cheveux for you to get Salon Perfect Hair everyday!

Beau Cheveux is the only salon to use and stock milk_shake hair products in the local area making it unique to us. 

milk_shake Integrity System

integrity system.jpg

Integrity Nourishing Shampoo 300ml  £16.49

Integrity Nourishing Conditioner 300ml  £17.69

Integrity Intensive Treatment 200ml  £17.69

Integrity Incredible Oil 50ml £25.99

milk_shake Daily

Daily Frequent Shampoo 300ml  £14.69

Daily Frequent Conditioner 300ml  £15.69

daily frequent.jpg

milk_shake Colour Care

colour care.jpg

Colour Maintainer Shampoo 300ml  £14.69

Colour Maintainer  Conditioner 300ml  £15.69

Colour Maintainer Balm 175ml  £17.19

Repairing Hair Treatment 8 x 12ml £21.39

milk_shake Leave In Treatments

Conditioning Whipped Cream 200ml  £17.49

Leave In Conditioner 350ml  £17.49

Incredible Milk 150ml  £15.19

leave in.jpg

milk_shake Natural Care

active masks.jpg

Active Yogurt Mask 250ml  £18.69

Active Milk Mask 250ml  £18.69

milk_shake Moisture Plus

Moisture Plus Shampoo 300ml  £16.49

Moisture Plus Conditioner 250ml  £17.69

Moisture Plus Whipped Cream 200ml  £17.49

moisture plus.jpeg

milk_shake Volume Solution

volume solution.jpg

Volume Solution Shampoo 300ml  £14.69

Volume Solution Conditioner 300ml  £15.69

Volume Solution Styling 175ml  £15.69

milk_shake Special Care

Deep Cleansing Shampoo 300ml  £14.69

deep cleansing.jpg

milk_shake Sensorial Mint

sensorial mint.jpg

Sensorial Mint Shampoo 300ml  £14.69

Sensorial Mint Conditioner 300ml  £15.69

milk_shake Silver Shine

Silver Shine Shampoo 300ml  £14.69

Silver Shine Light Shampoo 300ml  £14.69

Silver Shine Conditioner 250ml  £13.49

Silver Shine Whipped Cream 200ml £17.49

silver shine.jpg

milk_shake Sweet Camomile

sweet camomile.jpg

Sweet Camomile Shampoo 300ml  £14.69

Sweet Camomile Conditioner 300ml  £15.69

Sweet Camomile Leave In 150ml  £15.19

milk_shake Curl Passion

Curl Passion Shampoo 300ml  £14.69

Curl Passion Mask 200ml  £15.69

Curl Passion Designer 175ml  £15.69

curl passion.jpg